Want Your CV To Get Noticed? Here’s How

When you’re applying for jobs it can be easy to get a little bit lazy. Just pinging across your CV with a brief covering email might seem like enough, but if you want to get noticed by recruiters or hiring managers, you need to do a little bit more.

An article in the Guardian has offered some advice on how to get your CV opened in the first instance, and how to ensure you’re added to the ‘interview’ pile once it’s been reviewed.

First up is that all-important cover letter. It needs to be personalised to the job you’re applying for and the company you’re hoping to work for. This doesn’t need to be long – just a paragraph will suffice – but it needs to clearly explain why your CV is worth opening, and introduce you as a person.

Once someone has got to your CV, they need to be able to skim read it to pick out the important points. Avoid long sections of text and instead go for short paragraphs and bullet points. Spend the most time describing your current role and try to highlight the skills you use here that cross over to the job you’re applying for.

Including facts and figures in your CV, particularly if you’re applying for a job in sales, is a great way to stand out. Many people will make claims in their CV without the evidence to back them up, so if you can include actual data that demonstrates your impact you’ll be one step ahead.

Once your CV has been picked up by a construction recruitment agency and passed on to the hiring manager, you’ll need to thoroughly prepare for your interview. Take a look at our top answers to some of the most challenging interview questions to help you get started.

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