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We pride ourselves on working with some of the UK and Europe’s largest and well-respected manufacturers, Distributors and Suppliers of construction materials offering sales vacancies, Account Management Vacancies, Business Development Vacancies all the way through to Director level

sales rep jobs

Here at SRS we understand that seeking a new role can be both daunting and frustrating as, often, you are not told the whole truth about a specific role or you are genuinely concerned that information regarding yourself and your job search may become knowledge within the industry so we go to great lengths to maintain strict confidentiality at all times.

We aim to have an in depth conversation with you to determine your career aspirations and assist you in formulating a career plan that will help you achieve your career goals and, before submitting your curriculum vitae to any prospective employer, we will discuss the vacancy in depth with you and confirm your acceptance to introduce you as a Candidate of SRS Recruitment Solutions.

All Candidate details and Curriculum Vitae’s are submitted with your personal information removed and are identifiable only by a unique reference number to ensure confidentiality at all times.

Our goal is to help you be fully prepared for the interview process, therefore, we will firstly offer help in ensuring your curriculum vitae offers the best possible representation of you, your career, your successes and your capabilities to ensure you can secure interviews for the best vacancies.

The interview process can be daunting, particularly if it has been some time since you were seeking a new role, with new processes and methodologies being adopted, we look to assist you throughout the process and offer FREE access to our online portal SRS Career Coach (, where we offer videos, tools and training to assist you in every step of the process. This amazing resource is available FREE to every Candidate who registers with us.

Our aim is to keep you updated throughout the recruitment process including giving you feedback from interviews in a timely manner and helping you hone your interviewing and presentation skills with SRS Career Coach.