Do You Use Social Media To Snoop On Potential Job Candidates?

With social media such a prevalent force in our lives these days, it’s perhaps unsurprising that recruiters turn to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to have a little pry into the lives of candidates applying for jobs within their companies.

But if you do this in the near future, you could actually be breaking European law, with an EU data protection working party just ruling that businesses should need to have legal grounds in place before checking out individual social media accounts, the BBC reports.

The General Data Protection Regulation laws are to come into force in May next year, with these recommendations from this working party also suggesting that data collected from internet searches of job candidates be both relevant and necessary to the job in question.

Speaking to the news source, tech specialist at law firm Linklaters Peter Church said: “The general rules are that employers should inform applicants if they are going to look at social media profiles and give them the opportunity to comment. The searches should also be proportionate to the job being applied for.”

CareerBuilder’s most recent social media recruitment survey, released in April last year, found that 60 per cent of employers in the US use social networking sites to look up prospective employees, up from 52 per cent in 2015 and 22 per cent in 2008.

Companies were put off would-be members of staff by information such as inappropriate photos, discriminatory comments, poor communication skills and negativity towards fellow employees or previous companies.

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