Unemployment Continues To Fall

Construction job recruiters will be pleased to hear that unemployment has continued to fall, a sign of a strong and stable industry and economy.

The latest figures from The ONS show that unemployment fell in April 2017, continuing a trend that has been seen for a number of months now. It is now the lowest it has been for 42 years.

Building site construction is one industry where recruitment is on the up, with some in the industry warning that it needs to hold onto its older workers if it is to retain enough workers and expertise.

TotalJobs responded to the news saying it had also seen significant growth in jobs in the catering and hospitality industries, not-for-profit, and public sector.

“We may not know the outcome of the 8th June vote, but resilience in the face of change has been a feature of the job market this past year. Brexit and the shockwaves from across the Atlantic have done little to halt a continued fall in the unemployment rate, which is good news for the next Government.

“But the future is still very much uncertain, and we will have to see what the results of the general election bring. It will be important for both candidates and employers to ensure they are adaptable in the coming months, as each political party will look to improve the outlook in the job market.”

There are some fears however, that stagnating wages show the real picture, with many smaller businesses unable to afford wage rises, which could lead to challenging times ahead for the economy.

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