UK Workers Struggling With Mental Health And Wellbeing

There is evidence to suggest that as many as one-third of UK employees have a health and wellbeing issue.

A survey conducted by PwC found that 34 per cent of people could be struggling with issues such as stress, anxiety or depression.

However, the research also revealed that 23 per cent of those questioned don’t believe that their organisation takes the issue of employee wellbeing seriously, while 54 per cent work for organisations that don’t offer their staff health benefits such as counselling or health screening.

With a greater awareness of mental health issues and people increasingly looking for employers that take care of their staff, it could be worth looking at how you can improve the wellbeing of your teams to improve recruitment and retention.

Director in PwC’s people and organisations business Jo Salter said that firms need to understand the root causes of problems with employee wellbeing and take steps to address those if possible.

“Healthier and happier staff perform better, stay in their business longer and reduce costs and risks for organisations,” she added.

In competitive and high-pressure environments, like construction sales, being able to effectively manage employee wellbeing is particularly important. As well as focusing on how you can have a healthier team, you can also look at ways to make them happier.

Last month research was published which found that 40 per cent of staff feel like they’re getting a better deal if they receive workplace perks, such as private healthcare, flexi hours and complimentary food.

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