Two-Thirds Of People Go To Work When Sick

A new report has revealed that a significant proportion of the UK’s workforce still go to work when they’re sick and should take a day off.

In the latest Aviva Working Lives Report, 69 per cent of those surveyed said they’d gone to work when they should have had a day off because they were sick.

Among the reasons given for going into the office when they were unwell was heavy workloads, and particularly the concern that these would just build up while they were off.

Worryingly for businesses, 42 per cent of respondents admitted to often feeling anxious or stressed while at work, something that those managing sales teams should be aware of given that this can be a high-pressure environment to work in.

If you’re managing a construction sales team, what can you do to make sure everyone is happy and working to their potential?

Speaking to HR Director, Adrian Lewis, an absence management specialist at Activ Absence, offered some advice. He explained that it’s important to understand the causes of absenteeism and presenteeism if you’re going to tackle both issues effectively.

“Tackling absence is not about waving a big stick and chasing ‘lazy’ employees back to work, it is about uncovering the root causes of absence and working with your people in order to tackle them,” he asserted.

Being able to demonstrate a supportive and caring working environment is also important when you’re carrying out construction recruitment activities in the UK to bolster your sales team, so looking at staff wellbeing and how to improve it is beneficial at every stage of the cycle.

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