Train and Retain

The way we’re working isn’t working

The most challenging period a person will face in their new role is likely to be during those early testing months. Parachuted in, and often hitting the ground running, we all hope that new employees can settle into their position with the minimum of fuss. Yet sadly, reality paints a very different picture. A new work culture to embed, goals and sales targets to achieve, meetings to attend, teams to inspire…a new hire may generally feel unsupported, isolated and even exposed during this transition period. As evidence proves, if not quickly rectified, then this soon tailspins into despondency and negativity. But does it have to be this way? We don’t think so, and with nearly three decades of experience in construction industry recruitment, we have solutions that will improve retention rates for your people.

We don’t profess to have all the answers, but we do have some. And one of those aims is to help businesses retain their best new talent. We refer to it as Transition 100, a leadership coaching programme that supports your people when they need it most-the first 100 days. 40% of all new hires leave their posts before reaching 18 months, and from what we know, those decisions to leave are most commonly taken right at the start. With the available talent pool shrinking, and with demand for new hires steadily rising, we believe that this is no longer sustainable. On-boarding new talent is time-consuming, it’s disruptive and costly. It’s hard enough finding the right people, let alone keeping them. So as a professional recruitment organization, our goal is simple: to help your business not only find the right people, but also to keep them.


Transition 100: Coaching for new hires & your top talent

Every top performer and every elite sports-person at the pinnacle of their career works with a coach who helps them to utilise their best potential. A coach assists a person with their performance and effectiveness levels by showing them what they cannot see. We are all too close to our own lives, so close in fact that we rarely have the insight to see ourselves as others truly see us. Transition 100 helps new hires to expand their goal-setting, broaden their self-awareness, and identify core strengths so that your people can become more productive sales people and leaders.