Staff Value Perks At Work

Workers in the UK really value being offered perks by their employer, new research has found. Things like flexible working, private healthcare and complimentary food and drink were all named as top workplace perks among the 1,500 people surveyed.

OnRec reported on the poll carried out by, which found that 40 per cent of Brits feel as though they’re getting a better deal when they are offered a perk at work.

In addition, the research found that private healthcare was the most popular employee benefit, with 45 per cent of those questioned stating that this is the perk they most value.

However, 41 per cent like being able to use flexi hours and 42 per cent like receiving complimentary food. Another popular option was being able to finish early on a Friday.

Carl Miller, managing director at the company, explained that the research initially began by looking at how people perceive perks offered by their banks, but that the scope of it was widened because it became so interesting.

“We discovered that when employers show they are invested in employees’ welfare and happiness, they can create a culture of mutual appreciation,” he stated.

If you’re looking for ways to motivate your sales team that go beyond their bonuses, you may want to consider how perks are used within your firm. It’s also good to think about how you’re marketing any perks you offer when you embark on the construction recruitment process too.

Employee wellbeing is a hot topic across a range of industries, and one that’s worth considering given that 40 per cent of UK workers recently reported feeling burnt out or under pressure because of high workloads at least once in the past year.

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