How Satisfied Is Your Sales Team?

When you manage a construction sales team you want them to be happy to get the best performance. It’s well known that employees who are happy in their roles are more motivated and generally perform better than those who aren’t.

A new survey of workers across the UK by Qualtrics has revealed which sectors have the most satisfied workers, as well as where in the country people are more likely to be happy with their jobs.

Media and advertising – which often encompasses sales roles – has one of the highest levels of dissatisfied workers, with 23 per cent of people in this sector claiming they were slightly dissatisfied or worse.

The manufacturing and finance sectors were also on 23 per cent, while only the public sector had more unhappy employees at 24 per cent.

In addition, the survey found that people are happiest at work during their first year with a company. At this point 56 per cent of people said they were moderately or extremely satisfied, compared to 46 per cent among those who’ve been in a role for a year or longer.

Being able to keep your sales team happy in the long term is important if you want to retain talent and given that the survey also found that the media and advertising sector has the toughest job when it comes to keeping staff, it’s certainly worth looking at.

Stress is an issue for many UK workers, with a different survey earlier this year revealing that 40 per cent of the country’s workforce have suffered stress due to high workloads or have felt burnt out in the past year.

Taking steps to help people talk to managers about how they’re feeling is one of the keys to improving the situation and having such a policy in place could also help you with construction recruitment

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