Recruiters Need To Focus On How People Learn

When you’re looking to hire a new team member it can be hard to filter down the final applicants and choose the right person.

Management Issues has suggested that in order to build a team of innovative people who can deliver what your business needs in the future as well as meeting your needs now, you should hire people based on how they learn rather than what they know.

The publication acknowledges that what someone knows is important, especially if you’re recruiting for an expert role, but stressed that looking at how they learn is more important for future proofing your team.

“The way that people have learned what they know and the way they intend learning what they will need to know in the future is the real difference between candidates,” it stated.

Recommendations include asking someone to design a new product, rather than getting them to complete an aptitude test, to get an idea of their ability to innovate, and to get a potential candidate to work with the existing team on a problem to see how they fit into your firm’s culture.

If you want some inspiration on how to change up your recruitment techniques, take a look at the finalists for the Personnel Today Award for Innovation in Recruitment.

Among them are SAP UK, which launched a campaign to humanise its brand and attract a wider range of applicants; and Atom Bank, which created a short video about the company to play candidates before a video interview, as well as bringing candidates to an assessment centre for the day to get them involved in tasks in addition to having a chat with the HR team.

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