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Job Detail

  • Consultant Luke Chaplin
  • Type Full time
  • Product Sector Building Envelope / Build Systems
  • Benefits Contributory Pension Scheme + Benefits
  • Vacancy id 4392
  • Salary Details £35K £45K

Job Description

One of the UK’s foremost Façade and Architectural metalwork specialist sub-contractors.  The company has accumulated a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise as materials, systems, standards, and regulations have progressed. Their design processes have fully embraced the digital age with their aluminium factory being fed digital step files to operate machinery.  They have become one of the 1st choice sub-contractors in the London marketplace.

Job Role  

Our Clients are seeking someone that will be preparing representation diagrams, plans, elevations, structural and similar drawings, or designs for a building to be made or proposed.

 Key Responsibilities:

  • Understanding the content, design requirements and scope of Works for projects undertaken from the Tender documentation, as well as any other information available at the outset of a project. Drawing from these documents, all of the information necessary to successfully design the project within the required time period and in accordance with the project Sub Contract.
  • Developing the concept design set out in the project documentation (e.g.
  • Specifications, Architects’ & Structural Engineer’s Drawings and the like) into a fully coordinated, spatially correct, robust, buildable (no risk installation), cost-effective, system compliant and system-specific design; inclusive of all interfaces with other building components, cladding systems, ‘supply and fix’ items and the like.
  • Assisting the Project Director/Manager to identify the project zones that the project works are to be designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with, identifying possible design problems, the period of time required to design each zone, the requirements for coordinating the design, likely design information required and the like.
  • Planning the project design work in conjunction with the Design Team Leader to ensure that the design is completed in accordance with the requirements of Production and the prevailing project programme, identifying and reviewing design resources on a periodic basis.
  • Producing and maintaining the quality, content and rate of production of design work, working as part of a Project Design Team and in conjunction with the Design Team
  • Leader as necessary. Reporting where necessary, programme and resource matters etc.


  • The management, preparation, checking, revision and issuing as necessary of the following documents:
  • Setting out and typical detail drawings inclusive of elevations
  • Material orders
  • Production drawings and information including IFO’s
  • Fixers/Site Location/Reference drawings
  • As-built drawings
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • RFI’s
  • Designer’s Risk Assessments
  • Documental Transmittal Sheets & MDI
  • Project Calculations including structural and acoustic calculations
  • All Design Department process and procedural requirements
  • Reviewing all project and Sub Contract documentation and communicating its content to all members of the respective Project Design Team in a timely manner
  • The achievement of weekly ‘targets’ for all Design works in conjunction with the Design Team Leader, taking a positive role and finding a solution in the event that targets are not being or cannot be met etc.

Required Professional Competencies:

  • Leading the organisation: managing change, managing politics, influencing others, taking risks and innovating
  • Setting vision and strategy: understanding and navigating the organisation
  • Technical skills: proven skills in working with Office software (Word, Excel, Outlook, PPS, OS); Value-added technical or business skills.
  • Planning and organising: orchestrates and implements a clear, efficient, and logical approach to work and manages assignments, objectives, and time; gives priority to service-affecting problems.
  • Management of Time and Priority Setting: manage both one’s time as well as others’; demonstrate self-discipline, control interruptions by moulding the behaviour of others who have varying priorities, and being time-effective and time-efficient.
  • Attention to detail: ensures quality in work delivered; has a critical eye on your work.
  • Thinking Clearly and Analytically: determining valid premises arriving at logical conclusions from them, separating fact from hearsay, unwarranted assumption, and false inferences, applying inductive and deductive logic appropriately, culling of logical fallacies, invalid premises and conclusions based on insufficient information.
  • Problem-solving: Identify barriers that prevent achieving goals and standards.
  • Involves the application of systematic sets of procedures to eliminate and reduce the problem origins and causes. Distinguishes between problems, symptoms and indicators, inputs, and outcomes, gathering and assessing evidence relating to causes and plotting a decision matrix and eventually choosing and recommending the best options.; is direct and assertive.

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