Why Job Seekers Should Know About STAR Technique

If you are looking for the best construction recruitment agency the UK has to offer, then you must be looking for a new job.

While you may have polished of your CV and had a few chats with recruiters, one of the most important things you can do while you are waiting to be called to interview is to keep a done list.

Increasingly recruiters are using competency based interviews to assess the suitability of different candidates for a role. This may include basic questions like: what are your favourite bits of your current role? What experience do you have completing this kind of task? Or even, give us an example of when you have helped your team?

While these may seem innocuous being asked specific questions about what we have done can throw less confident candidates, so it is good to have some quick answers to hand.

Start keeping a diary of what you have done during the day, using the STAR technique.

“Using the STAR technique in an interview allows you to break your response down in a logical way,” David Cairncross, director at Hays Recruitment, told The Guardian.

If anything stands out then consider writing down the:

  • Situation – what was happening
  • Task – what you were asked to do.
  • Action – how you did it.
  • Result – what the outcome was.

If you do this for a few days you will be well prepared for anything a competency based interview can throw at you.

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