How Has The Internet Changed Sales?

Construction job recruiters looking to expand their sales force need to remember that the internet has changed the landscape for many newcomers into the industry.

Writing for Sales Initiative, sales trainer and mentor Tim Gibbons believes the World Wide Web has ‘changed everything’, and businesses across the country have to realise how if they want to stay relevant.

“We can have instant communications with people we have never met; we never have to go into a supermarket again and we can watch world events unfold from wherever we are in the world,” he wrote. “For the salesperson, it has made our lives both easier and more difficult.”

Gibbons explained that now we have the internet at our fingertips, it is very easy to research a company, so there is little excuse to know nothing about them if caught out during a sales pitch.

He added that communication is made very easy with the internet, which is good and bad, because it leaves us open to positive and negative feedback.

An internet-savvy sales team will make the most of the open communication channels offered by the web by being quick to respond to any sort of feedback online.

Finally, the internet means the people you are trying to sell to may already have done their research on you – so when engaging in a conversation, try not to tell them something they may already know.

Becoming internet savvy could help close the mid-level skills gap facing construction.

Recently, the Lib Dem Voice reported that those seeing mid-level jobs in the UK workforce are facing barriers to pursue extra training that need to be taken down in order to help them upskill and progress.

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