Fewer Candidates Seeking Work In UK Jobs Market

The number of candidates available to fill vacant roles in the UK jobs market has declined markedly in the past month, according to new figures.

Research by Markit and the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), found that candidate availability dropped in July, for both permanent and temporary positions.

Meanwhile, the private sector saw the number of vacancies available increase last month, with engineering, accounting/financial and IT and computing the sectors that saw the highest number of jobs come on the market.

Kevin Green, chief executive at REC, commented: “It’s clear that employers are having to work even harder to fill jobs as vacancies rise and candidate availability shrinks.”

He added that sectors that are “most reliant on European workers are under even more pressure as many EU workers return home”.

So, if you have construction industry jobs that you’re trying to fill, what can you do to ensure you attract the best candidates to apply for the position? It’s important to highlight the benefits of working for your organisation, which involves more than just the headline salary of a construction sales role.

In June, a poll by Bankingrefunds.co.uk found that many employees really value perks at work, so being able to clearly demonstrate what you offer beyond the basics could be one way to encourage a wider range of candidates to not only apply for your role, but to really want it.

Whether you’re able to offer flexible working, provide free food and drinks at work, or have a comprehensive benefits package, it’s worth looking at how you can communicate that to job seekers.

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