Digital Skills Gap Widening

There is concern among firms across all industries that the digital skills gap is widening, with 57 per cent of the UK companies surveyed by LinkedIn and CapGemini about the issue stating that they believe the digital talent gap is growing.

One of the main things to note from this research is that there is a bigger gap in soft digital skills than there is in hard digital skills.

From a recruitment perspective, the two soft digital skills that employers believe they are missing the most often are customer-centricity and a passion for learning.

These kinds of skills are essential in any organisation, whether you’re looking for construction industry jobs or are seeking employment directly in the digital sector. Being able to demonstrate either of these traits through your CV and at interview could therefore put you ahead of other applicants.

Other soft digital skills that companies are lacking include collaboration, data-driven decision making and comfort with ambiguity.

Anant Agarwal, founder and CEO of eDX, told the researchers: “These skills are required in every job and are critical for professional success across all industries.”

Among the top ten digital roles predicted in the next two to three years is chief customer officer, which could be particularly applicable in a construction sales setting. This role is number six in the top ten list.

Earlier this month, one publication suggested that recruiters need to be more focused on how people learn, rather than what they know, when they come for a job interview. Management Issues said that looking at how someone will learn in the future is a better indicator of whether they will fit with your team than focusing on their existing knowledge.

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