Construction Careers Need Better Promotion

A new survey by construction giant Kier has revealed that much of the careers advice given to young people at school and college is limited and out of date. In particular, the organisation revealed that the variety of jobs in the construction industry is rarely communicated.

The firm spoke to parents about their perception of the careers advice given to their children and found that 74 per cent believe it’s too focused on academic pathways, while 68 per cent don’t feel that their kids get given enough advice.

Where the construction sector is concerned, Kier revealed that the lack of information provided about jobs in this industry is exacerbating challenges already faced in construction recruitment.

The sector currently needs to hire approximately 400,000 new recruits each year to keep up with demand for housing and infrastructure projects, the organisation noted.

A misconception of what working in construction is like is also hampering the industry, Kier found, with 54 per cent of the teachers and parents associating the sector with a lack of career progression and solely manual work.

Kier pointed out that in its organisation alone, there are over 2,000 different job roles with varying entry levels and progression points.

Head of employment and skills policy at the Institute of Directors Seamus Nevin commented: “We are in a period of significant change in the labour market and we need to produce more home-grown talent with the right skills.”

It seems that more people are realising the opportunities available in the construction sector though, with a survey published last month noting that construction industry jobs were the most sought after in the UK during the first six months of this year.

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