Is Your Business Ready For New Technology?

Whether you work in construction sales or are out on site, there are a number of new technologies that are set to be introduced into UK workplaces more extensively in the coming years, which could have a significant impact on jobs and what roles entail.

A survey by CBI recently highlighted the top three technologies likely to be adopted more widely in our workplaces in the near future, as well as pointing out the stumbling blocks businesses are facing in terms of implementing them.

Artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain and the Internet of Things were the top three technologies expected to enter workplaces. Where AI is concerned, the biggest worry among businesses is not having a workforce with the skills required to make best use of the technology.

Meanwhile, privacy and security were top worries over the introduction of the Internet of Things. CBI wants the government to look in particular at the potential impact of AI on people and jobs, to ensure the UK’s businesses are prepared for its arrival and adoption.

CBI deputy director-general Josh Hardie commented: “While these technologies are in action now, regulatory hurdles, security concerns and finding people with the right skills, mean that many firms are slow to adopt.”

However, he stressed that firms around the UK that adopt these kinds of technologies have “a golden opportunity to benefit and lift their productivity”.

Making use of a construction recruitment agency in the UK could help you find the people with the right skills to boost your workforce.

A recent study by Fujitsu found that 90 per cent of organisations are investing in digital skills, with 31 per cent stating that having the right skills across their workforce is a crucial element to making a digital transformation project work.

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