Some Employers Decide On Candidate One Minute Into Interview

When you arrive for an interview for a sales position with a construction company, how long do you think you have to make a good impression? Five minutes, ten minutes, maybe the duration of the interview?

Not necessarily, according to new research. The Express reported on a survey conducted by Totaljobs, which found that in some cases you have as little as one minute to make that all-important first impression.

One in five employers have admitted that they make a decision about whether they do or don’t want a candidate within one minute of an interview beginning.

However, 40 per cent of those questioned said they’d give a candidate 15 minutes before making a decision about whether they wanted them, while a third revealed that they give people until the end of the interview before making up their minds.

Of course, when you start interviewing for construction industry jobs, you can’t know how long the person on the other side of the table will give you to impress them.

Among the things you can do to avoid losing out early on in your interview are to make sure you’re prepared by researching the company you’ve applied to and the job role you’re going for. You should also make sure you’re able to talk confidently about your previous experience and anything you’ve listed on your CV.

Last month, the Balance offered some advice for any candidates going for sales jobs, noting that these interviews are among the most challenging because your job will require you to be convincing on a daily basis and you need to show that in an interview.

Top tips if you’re going for a construction sales position include being able to answer each question with a solid example of your sales experience, and to be able to back up assertions with figures.

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Why You Should Look For Signs Of Stress In Your Sales Team

Employee wellbeing is becoming ever more important and it’s widely acknowledged that taking care of your employees means you’ll have a more motivated and more productive workforce.

It’s also well-known that sales can be a high-pressure environment at times, which is why it’s so important to keep an eye on the stress levels of those in your team. Research conducted by Rungway recently found that 40 per cent of UK workers have suffered as a result of high workloads or have felt burnt out in the past year.

In addition, an estimated six million people had sleepless nights as a result of work worries in the last 12 months.

More than one-quarter of employees aged 25 to 34 said that they lose sleep over work every week.

As an employer or sales team leader, there are steps you can take to help prevent your staff suffering from this kind of stress. Daniel Sanchez-Grant, who is responsible for the roll-out of Rungway to businesses, explained communication is the key.

“No one should suffer in silence, but it can also be hard to reach out and many of us feel we can’t help others,” he stated.

With so many people in all kinds of jobs feeling stressed, it’s vital for managers to be aware of the signs and to ensure their team members know they can talk about any worries they have.

Last month, the Limeade Institute offered some advice about how to prevent employee burnout. Top of the list was good communication, but other tips included setting realistic goals and making sure that any roadblocks to your employees’ success are removed.

If you’re looking for construction job recruiters, contact us to find out how we could help you.

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Built Environment Firms ‘Should Capitalise On Apprenticeship Levy’

Businesses should make the most of the recently introduced apprenticeship levy, which can not only help companies secure new talent, but progress existing talent, according to the principal and chief executive officer of the University College of Estate Management.

In April, laws were implemented to charge employers turning over an annual pay bill of £3 million or more an apprenticeship levy, which is currently 0.5 per cent of a company’s yearly pay bill. Businesses can then receive levy funds to spend on training and assessing apprentices who work at least 50 per cent of the time.

Writing in Construction News, principal of the University College of Estate Management Ashley Wheaton said: “Apprenticeship schemes offer an excellent toolset for addressing workforce strategies.”

Education of younger workers in the built environment disciplines can help solve the skills gap and ensure talent continues to enter all areas of the industry at all levels, he said, while securing the right education provider is key to achieving apprentice potential and ensuring that staff attain appropriate qualifications.

Not only can apprenticeships attract new talent and educate the younger generations in built environment disciplines, they can also help current employees progress and form a key part of employers’ engagement and retention plans, Mr Wheaton added.

Many businesses are yet to develop a recruitment strategy for apprentices, he continued, going on to warn companies that failing to make plans soon could mean that they miss out on the top talent, education providers or even risk losing their funds altogether.

To find the best construction industry jobs available, come and visit us today!

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Could Exciting Job Perks Bring In The Top Talent?

It’s an incredibly competitive world out there for both businesses and jobseekers, so differentiating yourself from the crowd will always be a good idea. For companies, it seems as though competition is so rife that many are now offering interesting and unusual job perks to new recruits so they agree to come and join the firm.

New research from Adzuna has just revealed the extent to which these benefits have been taken, with new workers being offered massive cash bonuses, trips overseas and free lunches provided by chefs, Small Business reports.

Others included hangover days to attract and retain younger employees, pawternity leave (where people can take time off work to help settle in new pets), free Netflix, free ice cream, on-site meditation classes to help workers handle stress, seats at industry award ceremonies and language lessons.

Co-founder of Adzuna Doug Monro said: “Smart employers are proving that you don’t have to spend big on luxurious office perks or team bonding trips to lure top talent. There are more cost-effective benefits out there that reflect companies’ cultures and employees really value.”

Of course, as much fun as these are you also need to think a bit seriously so that you can not only attract the cream of the crop but ensure that your industry’s top talent chooses to stay working for you and not someone else.

To that end, make sure you also provide other more long-term perks like health and dental insurance, extended paid maternity and paternity leave, more time off, performance bonuses, retirement plans and pensions. You could even go so far as to offer to help pay off some of your employee’s student loans.

Need construction job recruiters? Get in touch with us today.

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