How To Beat Job Interview Nerves

Looking and applying for construction industry jobs can be difficult and stressful, but when you do get a call to say you’ve got an interview all the hard work will really pay off. That said, the hard work isn’t exactly over – you’ve still got to perform well and do your best at the interview stage.

It’s completely natural to feel nervous about going for an interview. In actual fact, a few nerves can be quite helpful as they keep you alert, on your game and will show your prospective new employer that you do really care about the position you’re going for. But when the nerves take over, that’s when you could start running into a few problems and potentially putting your new job at risk.

The key to beating job interview nerves is being as prepared as you can be. Do some research into the company and what the role requires, but also spend time thinking about the qualities you have that you want to tell your interviewer about. View your interview as a conversation and less as a question and answer session, and you’ll feel more confident, comfortable and natural throughout.

The night before, make sure that you go to bed at a reasonable time and get a good night’s sleep. Nerves may keep you awake so stay off your phone a few hours before bedtime and have a hot drink to help you nod off.

And there’s nothing worse than rushing to get to the interview – being late won’t make a good impression and won’t help your nerves. Always get there ahead of time if you can.

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