Addressing The Mid-Level Skills Gap

Those over 25 find it more difficult to retrain, which is why there is a looming mid-level skills gap facing the UK workforce, but if you are looking for construction industry jobs at this level do not be afraid of looking for opportunities to upskill.

Writing for the Lib Dem Voice, Former Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and Humber Rebecca Taylor has been involved in research into the mid-level skills gap at University College London and believes barriers need to be taken down to encourage those in non-university degree-required careers to pursue training.

The report ‘Routes To Opportunity – Addressing The Non-University Skills Gap’ reveals that established workers face obstacles to upskilling, preventing them from taking on medium-skilled occupations.

These workers would benefit most from opportunities to train and upskill and may not be aware of support that exists to help them to upskill.

One of the key findings in the report was that the welfare system does not support established workers to retrain or upskill enough and the former Liberal Democrat representative called on the government to do more to help close the mid-level skills gap.

“To me it seems crazy that we’re failing to address the mid-level skills gap and failing to provide low paid workers with opportunities to upskill/retrain to improve their employment prospects and earning potential,” Taylor stated. “Solving the latter will go some way to solving the former.”

News of a mid-level non-university skills gap follows a report by LinkedIn and CapGemeni revealing there is a growing digital skills gap and it is soft digital skills such as data-driven decision-making job-seekers could benefit from attaining

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