8 Interview Tips We Love

If you’re looking for a new job in sales or fancy taking a new career path then you might be interested in finding the best construction recruitment agency to help you. Once we’ve got your CV pats the door, it’s down to you to nail the interview, but if job interviews really aren’t your thing, we think these tips from the team at the Seattle Times could be a big help.

First impressions say a lot – if you look well presented the interviewer will instantly take you seriously. Plan you outfit a few days before the interview date so you don’t have any unwanted stress on the day. Dress in something that is suitable for the role you’re applying for. Details make all the difference – dry clean your clothing if needed, make sure you hair is clean and tidy and your finger nails are looking good. You may choose to cover up tattoos and piercings, depending on how relevant you think it may be to your role.

With that said, make sure you do lots of research on the role you’re applying for and know as much as you can amount the company. Knowledge is power and they’ll be impressed if they ask you a question which relates their business. This shows them that you’ve taken the time to find out more information.

Don’t forget to prepare some questions for the interviewer and avoid any questions of which the answer is already stated on their website, as it this may seem as if you haven’t bothered to look. Instead ask more personal questions such as how they find working at the company themselves.

Start as you mean to go on make sure you’re prompt and on time – being late to an interview won’t start you off on the right foot, so allow extra time when commuting.

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