5 Reasons Why Millennials Could Enhance Construction

Millennials have been hailed as the innovators of modern business and could serve to modernise construction industry jobs if they are given a chance.

Managing director of DBI Furniture Solutions Nick Pollitt has made it his mission to put the spotlight on the benefits of a hip young workforce by speaking to a range of businesses.

According to Pollitt, Millennials actually crave responsibility and then reward those who give them responsibility by thriving when they feel empowered and valued.

They are also open to change and are flexible within their roles, happily accepting challenges that older colleagues may be reluctant to take on.

People development consultant Susy Roberts told Pollitt: “They’ve been brought up in a team environment and encouraged to speak up when things aren’t right. And this, as any good business coach will tell you, is simply best practice.”

Millennials are also constantly trying to better themselves and in turn better your business, as they are driven to learn new skills.

One of the biggest bonuses of hiring a millennial is of course their inherent digital skills, with instant familiarity with the latest digital tools.

Finally, given the right environment, Millennials are very productive when they are allowed to flex their creative muscle and are given support – and they take pride in their work.

Roberts added: “With Millennials, it’s definitely not all about money. An open working culture that respects individual views and opinions is essential.”

Young people need to be given greater encouragement to enter construction. Industry giant Kier criticised careers advice being given to school leavers which is out of date and could be putting some youngsters off.

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